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Jaydee Corporation can help you fix these and other  Medical Manager Fatal  Errors and General Errors.

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bullet EMC Prebill error Field 160 is an ICD-10 bug relating to E-codes  - Call Jaydee for a quick format file fix.

1: File Not Found, (file)
2: Illegal File or Rec on Read/Write Attempt,(file,rec)
3: File Full, (file)
4: Attempt to Exceed EOF, (file,rec)
5: Attempt to Open More Files Than Permitted
6: File Not Open, (file)
7: Invalid/Duplicate Key, (file,rec)
8: Pointer Synchronization Error (file,rec)
9: Index File Not Open, (file)
10: Attempt to Read Deleted Record, (file,rec)
11: File Full Warning: Please Delete Recs (file,rec)
12: File Already Open (file,rec)
13: File Selected is Not an Indexed File
14: Optional File Not Activated
15: Inactive Account
16: Not Currently Implemented
17: Format Record Length Not Equal To Batch Record Length
18: Synchronization Error in Dr Accumulators File
19: ** Creating New File(s), Please Wait **
20: Miscellaneous System Error
21: Account Not Found
22: ** Invalid ** Doctor Order NOT Requested at Set-up
23: Invalid Delete Password - Delete Not Performed
24: No Delete With Unclosed Transactions
25: No Entries on File
26: Ailment Linked to Active Procedures - No Delete
27: No Guarantor Record Found for Ailment (file,rec)
28: No Ailment Record Associated with this Procedure
29: End of Report
30: Account Number Already on File
31: File Changes Made - No Quit from this Point
32: ** Not Active **
33: Invalid Reference # - Must be Between 1 and
34: Use Count > 0 - No Delete
35: Press <ENTER> to Continue
36: # of Payments Exceeds Array Size of
37: # of Procedures Exceeds Array Size of
38: Invalid Index to File
39: No Edit of Secondary Co After Transfer to Sec.
40: Incomplete Information - Cannot Process
41: Invalid Entry - Patient Must Be In Dependent File
42: Invalid: Doctor Deleted or Must be <=
43: Payment Amount May Not Exceed Current Charge
44: Invalid Policy Number
45: ** Not Active **
46: Account's # of Insurance Policies Limited to 99
47: Patient's # of Dependents Exceeds Array Size of
48: No Ailment Detail on File
49: Invalid Ailment #, No Such Ailment Active
50: Ailment # Selected Does Not Apply to Patient
51: No Ailment Currently Set For 'Same'
52: Cannot Delete - Doctor Has PTD/YTD Totals
53: This Patient Has No Unapplied Credit Available
54: Refund Amount Must Be Greater than Zero
55: WARNING : Account Write-Off Mode - Continue (Y/N)
56: Insufficient Funds
57: Autopay Complete, Credit Remainder to Unappl. Cr.
58: NO <EXIT>: Payment Remaining - Apply to Items or Unapplied
59: Ailment Array Size Exceeded, Some Ailments Not Selectable
60: Negative Payment May Not Exceed Item Receipts
61: WARNING : Payment Exceeds Item Balance
62: Invalid - Item Must be on Display
63: Invalid Auto-Pay Start/Stop Values
64: Too Many Service Facilities - Limit 999
65: No Edit of Dr. # after Payments Applied
66: Payment Chain is Not In Decreasing Date Order
67: Period-to-Date Totals Are Out of Balance
68: Code 19 Loop Must Have Code 20 (fmt line)
69: Current Patient Number Must Be Set
70: Pmt From Unapplied Must Be Positive, <= Unapplied Amt
71: No Refund From Unapplied
72: Cycle Statement Bill-Thru-Date Must be <= Today
73: INVALID : Ref # Selected Must be on Current Page
74: WARNING - Payment not from Responsible Party
75: Payment Not Found
76: Too Many Insurance Plans - Limit 99999
77: Too Many Insured Parties - Limit 999999
78: Format File Not Found - Number
79: No Guarantor for Current Activity (file,rec)
80: Primary Insurance Policy not Found (file,rec)
81: # of Procedures per Patient Exceeds Array Size of (procedure array size)
82: System Error - No TEMPxx.XFR or .TMP File
83: Insurance Plan Not Found
84: Non-match of Physical Form # with Insurance Plan
85: Procedure Comment Not Found (file,rec)
86: Activity Record Not Found (file,rec)
87: Secondary Insurance Policy not Found (file,rec)
88: Too Many Doctors - Limit
89: Print Lines Out of Sequence - Format #
90: Too Many Referring Doctors - Limit 9999
91: Base Code For Cross-Ref Not Found
92: Referring Dr Not Found
93: Bill-Thru-Date Must be > Period Close and < = Today
94: Purge-Thru-Date May Not be > Date Last Daily Close
95: Dependent Not Found (file,rec)
96: Primary Co Insured Party Not Found (file,rec)
97: Secondary Co Insured Party Not Found (file,rec)
98: Secondary Insurance Plan Not Found (file,rec)
99: Procedure Code Not Found (file,rec)
100: Diagnosis Code Not Found (file,rec)
101: Ailment Information Not Found (file,rec)
102: Doctor Information Not Found (file,rec)
103: **** Report Totals Do NOT Reflect Unapplied Credits ****
104: ** Report Does Not Include Guarantors with ONLY Unapplied Credit Balances **
105: ****Report Does Not Include UNBILLED Insurance Items****
106: Policy (Policyholder + Plan) Already in Use
107: No Delete of Closed, Billed or Referral Transaction
108: Payment Posted to Transaction - No Delete
109: No Edit of Insurance Plan # with Active Procedures
110: Charge May Not be Reduced Below Receipts & Adjusts
111: No Delete of Doctor with Patients, Charges, or Appointments
112: WARNING: Do Not Delete if Referenced by Procedures
113: WARNING: Do Not Delete if Used by Ailments or Hosp

114: Unexpected Language-Level Error
bullet AC asc() error
AO File already opened
AR 'after read' action failed
BW 'before write' action failed
CC Common close error
CH Chain error
CO Common open error
CR Common read error
CV File variable conversion error
CW Common write error
DC Data file could not be closed
DM Data file could not be created
DO Data file could not be opened
DR Access of record marked deleted
EF End of file
FF File format string error
FL Invalid flag array
FP Floating point exception
FS Bad format string character
HD Invalid header access
IC Index file could not be closed
II Index system initialization error
IM Index file could not be created
IO Index file could not be opened
IX Index file error
KL File delete error
KY Key build error
LF General lockfile error
LK File lock error
MA Can't allocate memory
MF Can't free allocated memory
MP Bad start position in match()
NF Attempt to access an invalid file
NI Invalid index file
NO File not opened
PA Invalid function parameter
PN Printer name is empty
PR lpr piping error in zdev()
QI qinit error in driver 
QK queue delete error 
QR qread error in driver 
QS Queue synchronization error 
QT qread timeout in driver 
QW qwrite error in driver 
RC Invalid file record
RD Read error
RN File rename error
SK lseek error
SS Substring error
SW Invalid switch case
TI Console initialization
VM Module version mismatch
WT Write error

Fatal 114: Queue Errors

QI 244
QI 245
QR 241
QS 237
QT 240
QW 242

115: Unexpected BTREE Error
116: Reason For Appointment Not Found
117: Appointment Must be Made from Doctor Display Mode
118: Appointment Functions Restricted to Displayed Items
119: Not Available in Single User Version
120: Multi-User Conflict - Ailment # Changed to
121: Multi-User Conflict - Insurance Plan # Changed to
122: Multi-User Conflict - Doctor # Changed to
123: Multi-User Conflict - Ref. Doctor # Changed to
124: Multi-User Conflict - Serv. Facility # Changed to
125: Multi-User Conflict - Insured Party # Changed to
126: Multi-User Conflict - Reason # Changed to
127: Invalid Appointment - Limit 9 Conflicts Per Slot
128: Invalid Date Request - Limit Increment to +/- 365
129: Requested Appointment Can Not be Deleted/Viewed
130: Invalid Phone # Format (use 9999999999)
131: Invalid Social Sec. # Format (use 999999999)
132: Invalid Date Format (use 'MMDDYY', or 'MMDDYYYY')
133: Invalid Access Level - Access Denied
134: Serialization Has Been Illegally Altered
135: Demonstration System Limited to 50 Patients
136: Access Security Has Been Illegally Altered
137: Use : (W)ife,(H)usband,(C)hild,(P)arent,(O)ther
138: Insurance Plan Selected Invalid for Patient Selected
139: Invalid - Duplicate Billing Request (line1,line2)
140: Appointment May Not Extend Past End of Day
141: Invalid : Code Already Active
142: No Date Change with Other Users on System
143: Synchronization Error in Log-On File - Continue (Y/N)
144: UB Master Record Not Found (ubcode)
145: Header Reconstructed : (file,old highest used)
146: Optional Module Not Installed
147: WARNING : Do Not Delete if Referenced by Appnts/Recalls
148: Exclusive Function Denied: Users on Line
149: ** Required Record Locked - Please Wait **
150: Record Locked: <ENTER> to Re-Try or <EXIT>
151: Non-Recoverable Record Lock Error (file,code)
152: File Locked: <ENTER> to Re-try or <EXIT>
153: Aborted - Press <ENTER>
155: Service Facility Not Found (file,rec)
156: Posting Table Invalid - Dr #
157: Invalid Use of Cross-Reference '/'
158: Not Enough lines Allowed for # Items Per Form
159: # of Lines in Loop Inconsistent With Header
160: Invalid Copy/Move Parameters
161: # of Format File Entries Exceeds Array Size of
162: Invalid File Format Type
163: Invalid Prefix For Format File Type
164: No Active File
165: Rename Failed : File Name Already Exists
166: Print Lines Out of Sequence - Ref #
167: Print Columns Out of Sequence - Ref #
168: Format Loop Start/Stop Not Properly Set - Ref #
169: # of Diagnosis Lines Exceeds Max of (#,Ref #)
170: Invalid Special Code (Code,Ref #)
171: No Delete With Appointment Data Active
172: No Delete With Recall Data Active
173: No Delete With Hospital Rounds Data Active
174: Attempt to Divide By Zero
175: INVALID : Requires Open Item Statement
176: No Delete of Code With Associated History
177: Auto Numbering Increment Must Be > 0
178: Guarantor Not Found (file,rec)
179: Invalid Insurance Logic Map
180: System Can NOT Be Back-Dated
181: Daily Close Performed - Date Must Be Advanced
182: * WARNING * Daily Close Not Done : Continue (Y/N)
183: Skip > 1 Week Invalid For Current User Level
184: * WARNING * Skip > 7 Days : Continue (Y/N)
185: Invalid Access Level to Override Year End
186: GL Transfer Option not Selected at Setup
187: Referring Doctor Index Not Selected at Setup
188: Procedure History Option Not Selected at Setup
189: Invalid Password : No Access
190: Device Not Available : <ENTER> to Re-try or <EXIT>
191: File Access Privilege Denied, (file)
192: Conditional Print Start/Stop Not Properly Set - Ref #
193: Number of Code 2's Does Not Match Header
194: Definable File Not Installed In List, (file)
195: Carrier Not Found
196: WARNING: Do Not Delete if Used by Ailments
197: Program Terminated on Signal
198: Maximum Account Number Exceeded
199: Appnts Module in Use : <ENTER> to Re-Try or <EXIT>
200: Master Item Not Found (file,rec)
201: Detail Item Not Found (file,rec)
202: # of Charges In Forced Claim Exceeds Array Size of (size)
203: System Wide Rebuild Was Run (level)
204: Duplicate Diagnosis Not Permitted
205: Not Available for Billing Service Remote Site
206: No Remote Delete With Clinical Data Active
207: Maximum Number of Previous Pages Exceeded
208: Certification # Not Defined (cert #)
209: Cert # Invalid - Must Be 1 - 299 (cert #)
210: Account Exceeds Unique Limit, Can Not Add
211: System Wide Rebuild Completed (level)
212: WARNING: Account Approaching Unique Limit
213: Dr. Accumulators Mismatch, CALL ANALYST (file,rec)
214: EMC Provider Sort Field Definition Not Found (field)
220: Date Must Be >= History Start Date
221: System Wide Rebuild Requires (A)ll Files
222: **** A/R Reconciliation Not Performed - Unclosed Daily Items ****
223: **** Report Totals Do Not Include Items Not Yet Daily Closed ****
226: UB Ailment Not Found (file,rec)
227: WARNING : Code Not Found in Macro Group
228: No Delete With Unclosed Estimates
229: EMC Pointer or .TMP File Not Found
230: Previous EMC Cycle Not Completed - Trial Mode Only
231: Too Many EMC Batches Defined - Limit 999
232: Multi-User Conflict - Batch # Changed to
233: Extended Information Not Found (file,rec)
234: Number of Patient Comments Does Not Match Count
235: Use Extended Information Delete to Reduce Level
236: Use Extended Information Add to Increase Level
237: Auto-Adjust Complete - See: Total Amount
238: WARNING : Entire Balance of Item Will be Written Off
239: Amount Credited Must be Same Sign as Total Payment
240: Invalid Pmt Estimation Method - Estimated Pmt By Remaining Balance
242: Undefined Adjustment Type May Not be Selected
243: Account Has No Appointments on File
244: 'Selective' Scope Available Only for Account # Order
245: Search Terminated - Finds per Search Limited to
246: Special Lockout Limited to Length 1 and Room 0
247: Requested From-To Range Invalid
248: Invalid : Enter File Name Root <8 Chars, No Extension
249: Invalid Slot : Within Lunch Lockout or > Last
250: Invalid File Name
251: WARNING : Patient Sex Invalid for Procedure Selected
252: INVALID: Procedure Entry Payment Option Not Installed
253: Doctor Accumulators Not Found (doctor #)
254: INVALID : Procedure Entry Adjustment Option Not Installed
255: Balance Reconciliation Requires History Rebuild
256: Procedure History Work File Not Found
257: GL Transfer Work File Not Found
258: Doctor Information Work File Not Found
259: May Not Be Set 'Undefined' Before Daily Close
260: Use Code File Maintenance to Add Cross-Reference
261: Batch Minimum Not Met - Batch Rejected
262: Invalid Option for Bill Only Estimates Mode
263: Problem Detected in Job File. Aborting Job at Line ()
264: Optional Index Not Selected in Install - Access Not Available
269: No EMC Batches Have Been Defined
270: Start Conditional Not Set (line)
271: Line or Tab Change Within Conditional (line)
272: End Conditional Not Set (line)
273: Invalid Name : Please Reenter
274: Insurance Plan Uses Inactive Prof/Fee Schedule (plan,sched)
275: Doctor Uses Inactive Prof/Fee Schedule (dr,sched)
276: Invalid : Schedule Inactive Or Invalid Type
277: # of Pages Exceeds Array Size, Prev. Not Available
278: Error Deleting Record - Unapplied Master Record for Payment Not Found
279: WARNING: Cross-Allocation Refunds not Found
280: # of Claims Exceeds Array Size of
281: Only Individual Items May Be Voided
282: All Credits must be Reversed Before Void
283: You May Not Void on a Claim Basis
284: Type 0 Adjustment Encountered
285: Charge is from Open Referral, Void Through Referrals.
286: No More Selected Unapplied Credit Items to Apply to Charge
287. No Records Found Requiring 'Total' Field Modification.
288: No Valid Doctors for Unapplied Credit Items Found
289: 'Total' Field Mismatch During Transaction Modification
296: Plan Requires ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes for this Claim
297: Plan Requires ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
300: Conflicting Function in Progress : No Access
301: Exclusive Function in Progress : No Access
302: Daily Close in Progress : No Access
303: Insurance Billing in Progress : No Access
304: POS Code Edit in Progress : No Access
305: Note/Help File Edit in Progress : No Access
306: GL Transfer in Progress : No Access
307: Patient Statements in Progress : No Access
308: Appointment Purge in Progress : No Access
309: Procedure History Purge in Progress : No Access
310: Clinical History Purge in Progress : No Access
311: Insurance Format Edit in Progress : No Access
312: EMC Format Edit in Progress : No Access
313: EMC Conflicting Function in Progress : No Access
314: Patient Bill Format Edit in Progress : No Access
315: Patient Statement Format Edit in Progress : No Access
316: Encounter Form Format Edit in Progress : No Access
317: Special Note Format Edit in Progress : No Access
318: Recall Format Edit in Progress : No Access
319: Custom Menu Edit in Progress : No Access
320: Exclusive Clinical Function in Progress : No Access
321: Room Label Edit in Progress : No Access
322: Exclusive Appointment Function in Progress : No Access
323: DML Posting in Progress : No Daily Close Permitted
324: DML Posting in Progress : No Rebuild Permitted
325: Conflicting Function in Progress; No Access
336: Conversion in Progress : No Access
337: Plan Requires ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes. Reimbursement Map Entry Not Found

You have chosen to advance the System Date by 100 days to ...
The System Date cannot be moved backward.
Please contact your technical support team and present the
code 'S8L9' to obtain a KEY to authorize the new System Date.

(Medical Manager/Greenway will not fix this if you are not on a current support contract!  We can fix it.)


  Jaydee Corporation can help you fix these and other  Medical Manager Fatal  Errors and General Errors.  (708)788-3203

updated 01/05/2020

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